Senior AI Engineer(NLP)

Key Skills: NLP system building, Language Processing, machine learning and Deep Learning

Any Location

Experience : 1-5+ Years

Close Date: June 30, 2021

Key Skills
Required Skills and Abilities
1-5+ years of professional experience in areas related to Language Processing, machine learning and Deep Learning
Develop solutions for real world, large-scale problems.
Support the team in performing various tasks in executing our vision for NLP-based technology products using various NLP toolkits like Spacy, CoreNLP, OpenNLP,HuggingFace,Med7 and so on
Deep understanding of application and mathematics behind models like Transformers, BeRT, GPT etc.
Test and deploy promising solutions quickly, managing deadlines and deliverables while applying latest research and techniques.
Leverage linguistic information from various tools and resources to build high-performing solutions
Perform relevant data analysis and benchmark the NLP solutions to improve our offerings
2-5 years of experience with Python
2-5 years of hands-on experience in building NLP systems from scratch using various NLP frameworks/tools
Understanding of linguistic concepts like Part of Speech, Name Entity Recognition, Dependency Parsing, Parsing, Shallow Parsing and so on
Strong problem solving and analytical skills
Ability to design and execute on research ideas. Experience implementing deep learning techniques to solve language challenges Experience with AWS cloud is a plus
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