Senior AI Engineer(Vision)

Key Skills: Machine Learning, Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition algorithms

Any Location

Experience : 2-5+ Years

Close Date: June 30, 2021

Key Skills
Required Skills and Abilities
2-5+ years of professional experience in areas related to computer vision, machine learning, and/or image processing.
Knowledge and experience in developing and implementing Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition algorithms.
Integration of functional and performance models of Products or Services
Exposure to Machine Learning/Deep learning projects are highly desirable.
Strong Mathematical background, and understanding of the algorithmic concepts.
Good programming skills in C++ or Python
Proficiency in using OpenCV, or similar Image Processing/Computer Vision libraries.
Research on various numerics related to Machine Learning, optimizing it based on Design and performance constraints is a plus
Good verbal and oral communication skills
Ability to work in a fast paced, high pressure startup environment and adapt to rapidly changing requirements.
Demonstrated past algorithm development in at least one area within machine learning like neural networks, clustering, object tracking.
Experience with object classification, gesture recognition or human pose estimation and training deep neural networks using synthetic and artificial data.
Strong background and understanding of mathematical concepts relating to probabilistic models, conditional probability, numerical methods and linear algebra.
Self-motivated individual with passion towards state-of-the-art computer vision technologies.
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