Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Key Skills: Advanced machine learning, Deep learning and NLP/NLU and Computer Vision

Any Location

Experience : 2-5 Years

Close Date: June 30, 2021

Key Skills
Required Skills and Abilities
2-5+ years of experience in advanced machine learning, deep learning and NLP/NLU and Computer Vision techniques to build AI applications
Research and develop new techniques, looking at state-of-the-art literature, discover and implement adapted solutions for each particular problem
Define and implement evaluation strategies for each required functionality, demonstrate applicability and performance of the delivered application, and communicate clearly on its limits
Strong experience in Data Architecture and Engineering pipelines
Support the team in performing various tasks in executing our vision for NLP-based technology products using various NLP toolkits like Spacy, CoreNLP, OpenNLP,HuggingFace,Med7 and so on
Deep understanding of application and mathematics behind models like Transformers, BeRT, GPT etc.
Ability to write scalable code in Python and/or Java
Hands on experience in TensorFlow / Pytorch and Scikit Learn with solid understanding of the Deep learning and Machine Learning concepts
Strong knowledge on Maths, Probability and Statistics
Proficient in Natural Language Processing, Image processing,Computer Vision and the mathematical concepts behind it
Proficiency in using OpenCV, or similar Image Processing/Computer Vision libraries.
Experience with object classification, gesture recognition or human pose estimation and training deep neural networks using synthetic and artificial data.
Knowledge and experience in developing and implementing Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition algorithms.
Experience in productionizing and handling production environments
Experience in NoSQL like MongoDB etc.
Experience in multithreading and multiprocessing
Excellent team player
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