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New gen app dev company with deep industry domain IQ that accelerates entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship by delivering as well as incubating Startups. Innovation Incubator Advisory Pvt. Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of Innovation Incubator Holding LLC, is a new generation software advisory with end-end capabilities in architecting, designing, developing and maintaining software solutions. These solutions are delivered typically for incubation and growth of startup portfolio companies as well as other organizations mostly in but not limited to Real Estate, Automotive, Retail, Aviation, Healthcare, Financial Services, Chemical and Petroleum, Smart Cities, Gaming, Lifestyle and Education.

Key People

Cognub Decision Solutions are a group of Data Scientists, AI Engineers, Big Data Analysts and Bio-statisticians providing AI-based solutions in Healthcare, Automotive, Real Estate, Clinical Research and other sectors. Our expertise is in three main areas: Clinical: We provide Data Management and Biostatistics services to clinical trials related to Dermatology, Oncology, Cardiovascular, Respiratory and other therapeutic areas for the past 14 years. With the help of software engineers and AI experts, we are trying to bring in some innovative tools into the clinical research arena which will have the potential to execute the processes efficiently and cost effectively. Cognitive: Our Cognitive department deals with Artificial Intelligence AI (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing), Parallel Processing, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics.

PropMix, an Innovation Incubator company, is a groundbreaking Real Estate Smart App Development Platform that enables the Real Estate ecosystem to easily consume and monetize data and insights and build Smart Apps. Built on an industry open standards based Platform as a Service (PaaS) for global scale and bulk sync, PropMix.io empowers users to engage with data, make decisions using insights and build the Real estate future. PropMix.io​ is a real estate tech​ company that helps agents/brokers, appraisers, lenders, investors and service providers build a cognitive business with immersive digital experience​, using AI/NLP/Machine Learning and AR/VR, resulting in accelerated time to market at low cost and high ROI​. We make agents ​and appraisers ​relevant and essential ​by augmenting collective human intellect with machine cognition. iCMALive, Portfolio Monitor, Sally and iAppraiser are apps available on PropMix.io.

GogoCar provides Instant Cognitive Digital Retailing Storefront, with all the operational, marketing and sales capabilities. Optionsoft Technologies recently acquired GoGoCar LLC. The car buying process had been simplified to suit your convenience & comforts. Move ahead at your pace and own the car of your dreams in 6 simple & easy-to-resume steps. Help your family or your friend to choose the best deal available from across the nation. We connect you with the best possible deals in the market. You can get professional assessment for your trade-in car, choose the most competitive finance option available, enhance your credit scores and solicit the best warranties & insurance for your new car. Our AI-driven platform built for future would transform the way your customer experience car buying process. Use our Live Trade-in, enable your customer to trade in their car with above market price from real appraiser network. Using our Secure Credit Applications, our integrations help customers to find their credit score confidentially and submit a secure application with necessary documents completely online.

Arttora is a first of its kind social networking platform for Artists and Art enthusiast to collaborate and network with Artists and get recognised globally. Arttora seeks to establish itself as a propagator of art, somebody who value fledgling artists and creates exploratory avenues for art lovers. Learn various art forms like Dancing, Photography, Sculpturing, Singing, Videography, Art & Craft, Music, Painting and many more that you might want to learn.

Technology adoption in the outdoor sporting goods industry commerce in USA has been far behind other retail categories. Most of it still works based on manual phone or email based communications across counter parties. App Cohesion is a new platform that establishes a standard product catalog and common collaborative platform for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to manage e-commerce storefronts, inventory, and transactions. The platform is complemented with a machine learning based insights engine that forecasts product demand and pricing for all the parties.

Familheey is a mobile platform that enables you to connect, engage and grow with your family and community. It has been described as ‘the fabulous New App for the New Normal’. It works on three levels: Personal – where families are brought together on a common platform, Professional – where organizations can collaborate and work on initiatives and Social – where communities can come together and work to achieve their goals. Familheey is now being viewed as the next step in the evolution of social media. It moves away from the ‘like-share-subscribe’ intent of traditional social media with its focus on the individual to the open spaces of family and community collaboration where the focus is on the group or ‘family’. Founded at Houston, Texas in 2019, Familheey is an initiative of Houston based My Family Group.

Vagari LLC dba Vagari.ai LLC offers the Vehicle Rental App for Auto Dealers, Fleet and other vehicle owners (Owners) to provide vehicles to drivers including those who drive for uber/lyft (Renters) in the rideshare and Transportation as a Service (TaaS) industry. They can rent, subscribe and/or purchase it over a period of 3 years. This frictionless mobility technology startup is based in New York, USA with presence initially in New Jersey and Connecticut.

MedRabbits is a Home Healthcare service provider. It aims to bring you fast, convenient and cost effective home healthcare at your doorstep. It provides a range of services for all your home healthcare needs.We believe that home healthcare is the future, you can search, sort and book from our curated set of home nurses that specialise in elderly care, maternity care and a lot more Home Care Male and female nurses are trained in-house and have several years of professional experience in hospitals and allied healthcare services Physiotherapy Offer specialised physiotherapic services like Rehabilitation post surgery, Orthopaedic, Back, neck and heel pain, Fractures and more Medical Supplies Rent or purchase medical equipment such as Oxygen concentrator, Saline stand, Wheelchair, Hospital bed (auto/manual), Walker and many more

RevitsOne is an all-in-one fleet management software for fleets of all sizes. It helps to track drivers and monitor driving behavior, manage service and spare management, and realtime vehicle monitoring. Revits transform fleet management & logistic traffic by bringing together cross functional expertise in tech and industry to deliver leading-edge innovations. Goal of Revits is to Transform the fleet and asset management industry and tracking methods with the miraculous capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all aspects. It is aimed to improve business with their expertise in AI technology with extensive R & D to increase your productivity ensuring enhanced mobility with a true connected platform. This offers better response to customer requests hence increased customer satisfaction.

Momseze is aimed at helping new parents 24/7/365. it provides a platform to immediately connect with nurses, lactation consultants and baby care experts from the comfort of your home. It provides support through all the stages of new parenting. Momseze is available 24/7 so that users never have to worry about finding professional, compassionate care whenever they need it.

The primary objective of Immersion.ai LLC business is to build and take to market multiple products powered by Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Experience to the industries such as gaming, training, fashion and construction. The current products in market are Equipsnap and  StyleAssists. StyleAssists offers consumers Artificial Intelligence based recommendations on what clothes to wear for an occasion with option to get guidance from the best or preferred fashion stylist. Equipsnap is an online equipment rental marketplace. It simplifies the procurement and logistics challenges of renting construction equipment. Other ideas incubated include WeRWorld that aimed to enrich training of any profession by integrating cutting edge artificial intelligence into immersive virtual & augmented-reality experiences for various industries.  

Innovation Incubator Holding LLC is the holding company that incubates and accelerates startups also through Innovation Incubator Advisory Pvt Ltd, Innovation Incubator Inc., and CogFab ai Inculator Pvt Ltd and Cogfab.ai Spaces Pvt Ltd. Our corporate headquarters is in New York, USA and we have presence in various states in USA such as MA, VA, KY, GA, NJ, CA, NY in addition to Trivandrum, Kerala, Bangalore and Saudi Arabia.

Innovation Incubator Inc. is the first incubator under Innovation Incubator Holding LLC. Its portfolio companies include PropMix.io LLC, Cognub Decisions Solutions LLC (that owns Cognub Decision Solutions Pvt Ltd) and GoGoCar (now owned by Optionsoft Technologies)

Cogfab.ai Spaces Pvt Ltd is part of the Cogfab.ai initiative under Innovation Incubator Holding LLC.

Cogfab ai Inculator Pvt Ltd is part of the Cogfab.ai initiative under Innovation Incubator Holding LLC. It includes the Cognitive Decision Institute.

drona.live is our vision to deliver a cognitive digital hospital and medical school in partnership with various entities in USA, India and Middle East.  https://drona.live/

Custom Healthcare AI Platform for Revenue Cycle Management. https://rcmbrain.com/

Based in USA, Cognub Decision Solutions LLC is the parent company of Cognub Decision Solutions Pvt. Ltd with focus on Artificial Intelligence advisory services.