Journey so far

Innovation Incubator began its journey as any entrepreneur’s dream launchpad in 2014, with the aim of bringing disruptive changes with continuous innovation in the digital landscape. Like many other startups, Innovation Incubator also had a humble beginning when it commenced its operations in 2014 from a 5 member team to a tightly-knit, cohesive team comprising 250+ professionals drawn from diverse expertise – business and management, Artificial Intelligence, User Experience, Next Gen. Technologies, Data Engineering, Product Management, Machine Learning and Digital Marketing.

Headquartered in New York, we also have presence in Boston MA, Leesburg VA, Freehold NJ and Atlanta GA in USA and Trivandrum, Kerala in India. Innovation Incubator Holding LLC comprises of Innovation Incubator Inc., Innovation Incubator Advisory Private Limited and and its portfolio companies in USA and India.We bring together the best minds in the industry with extensive tech expertise and business acumen to accelerate the first mile of the next big startups in healthcare, real estate, automotive, insurance, retail and many more verticals. We have partnered with the leaders in various industries to provide groundbreaking technologies, processes, products and services. We are an approved incubator with AWS activate, Wolfram Research INC and IBM Global Entrepreneur. We remain focused on growth and continuous improvement, by evolving incessantly with the changes in the market and newly emerging technologies, while remaining riveted to our core values.

Highlights and timelines of our journey so far
  • 2020 Incubated Agdhi, UCM, Vagari, Medrabbits
  • 2019 Incubated and delivered Syoolah, Arttora, Familheey, HiUp,
  • 2018 Incubated RevitsOne,,, Drona
  • 2017 Innovation Incubator Holding
    Initiated AppCohesion, RCMBrain, MomSeze, InsuraNEXT
  • 2016 kick-off
    Acquire Kreara
    Build Cognub
    Aquire 3E IT Solutions
  • 2015 GoGoCar spin off
    Innovation Incubator Advisory
  • 2014 Birth of Innovation Incubator