Optionsoft GoGoCar
  • August 4, 2020

GogoCar provides Instant Cognitive Digital Retailing Storefront, with all the operational, marketing and sales capabilities. Optionsoft Technologies recently acquired GoGoCar LLC.
The car buying process had been simplified to suit your convenience & comforts. Move ahead at your pace and own the car of your dreams in 6 simple & easy-to-resume steps. Help your family or your friend to choose the best deal available from across the nation. We connect you with the best possible deals in the market. You can get professional assessment for your trade-in car, choose the most competitive finance option available, enhance your credit scores and solicit the best warranties & insurance for your new car.
Our AI-driven platform built for future would transform the way your customer experience car buying process.
Use our Live Trade-in, enable your customer to trade in their car with above market price from real appraiser network.
Using our Secure Credit Applications, our integrations help customers to find their credit score confidentially and submit a secure application with necessary documents completely online.