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Why Innovation Incubator?
Don't just take it from us.
Take a look at what our people are saying about us and why we love what we do.


Bahul B Krishnan

Innovation Incubator offers a wide range of technology exposure to all their employees. Latest technology adoption in work also adds a rank which helps each employee to nurture their technical skills and experience and to stand ahead in this fast growing world. Flexibility in work eases our day to day life and helps our life to stay balanced even during pandemic situations.


Alwin Biju

IIH opens doors for a number of opportunities for an individual to grow professionally. The Management is highly supportive and approachable. I chose to be in Business Development in order to have the ability to work with a wide range of businesses and enjoy a more diversified experience. What differentiates IIH from the rest is it allows you to really create your own career path and pursue your passions. I’m glad to be a part of this organization.


Akhil R S

I love being a part of IIH family for many reasons. First and most important of all for me is that we incubate businesses. I wanted to be an entrepreneur, still I wish I could. I don’t think any other IT organisation will support an employee to become an entrepreneur, but IIH will. IIH doesn’t care who brings up the idea. If it looks like it can become a very good business, or it can help 100’s or more people, IIH will defintely help in every possible way to get it running, like investment , resources , technology and marketing. Second , the work that comes up is always challenging and requires me to explore and learn , and then the opportunities provided to me to participate in events wants me to improve many of my personal skills as well. I am also in love with the strong supportive culture that we have here. The people are well appreciated often and we see many new things in order to improve the employee engagement every month. I love the cheers and support when we are in the ground participating in a sports events.


Aruna V R

Time flies so fast… Its going to be 5 years .Love to be part of Innovation incubator.It’s a great company. I really enjoyed working here with talented people, good friends, strong team and the best superior I ever had. It’s their support and encouragement that I can manage my team and receive my current position. Thanks to II leadership and management for this wonderful experience.